“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”
-Mary Oliver

My Therapeutic Approach

I have been doing my own personal work in Jungian Analysis for many years.  I believe that, as a therapist, deep work on my own psyche is one of the greatest assets I can bring to my clients.  Throughout my life I have embraced life’s challenges and used them as opportunities to experience deep healing on multiple levels.  I have personally experienced the ability to transform my own trauma through my commitment to healing through my participation in an ongoing therapeutic relationship.  My experience in my own analysis has greatly influenced my approach to working with my own clients.

As a client-centered depth therapist, I believe that the relationship between the client and therapist is an important element of the healing journey.  The therapeutic relationship develops over time within the safe container that is provided.  Within this therapeutic container, my clients have the freedom to explore and work through deep feelings with a compassionate, insightful, skilled professional.  I use a number of therapeutic techniques to heal trauma without overwhelm and work with dissociation by regulating feelings.  The psychotherapeutic methods I use will vary depending upon your needs and particular issues that you bring to each session.

Often, the symptoms and difficulties that bring a person to therapy provide the openings, or “portals,” that lead to greater self-awareness, growth, and change.  By embracing the courage to step into these openings while working with a skilled therapist, clients can experience the letting go of past hurts and wounds while creating space for new life to grow.

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